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Ceiling Suckers have now thousands of satisfied customers. Some of these are now having their second and third homes vacuumed prior to moving in. We are even cleaning ceilings of now grown up children of past customers.

We often hear stories of how the vacuuming of dust and insulation has relieved people from sinus, asthma and other respiratory problems. Homeowners have told us of tradespeople who have damaged the ceiling whilst working up there, with no ingress of dangerous dust or insulation into the house.


For ceiling dust - Hazvac is a machine specially designed and built for ceiling dust. It is mounted on a one tonne truck and automatically sorts and bags the dust into hazardous and non-hazardous components.

Suction is generated with an 11hp petrol motor. Filtration is by computerised system using High Efficiency Particulate Air (HEPA) systems. Hazvac can suck from distances over 100m, through 100mm hoses.

Ceilings are not just vacuumed - they are scrubbed as well. This is because much of the dust will not move unless mechanically disturbed - ie we don't just vacuum loose surface dust. High humidity and past entry of water through heavy rain can have cemented ceiling dust to the surface. Just as a dirty car needs more than a high pressure water blaster to clean it, so too ceilings.

Insulvac for insulation - a high powered, large volume suction unit mounted on a one tonne truck. Insulation (including fibreglass batts) is sucked through a 150mm diameter hose for a preliminary clean. This is then followed by cleaning the whole of the ceiling again with a 100mm hose with appropriate nozzles and extensions.


We recommend, supply and install polyester insulation made by Tontine Fibres. Relatively new to most homeowners, it is in growing demand because it is safer, easier to install, and cost effective. Tontine has been making allergy free pillows and doonas for years, and doesn't need an introduction. Although it is available in batts, our preference (simply because it is better) is in rolls - it simply rolls out in a continuous form between ceiling joists.

Rubbish Removal

Old timbers, disused pipes, old electrical conduit, quite often need to be removed to give us free and ready access to ceilings. Ceiling Suckers, can do this too by pre arrangement. Decommissioned hot water tanks can be removed as well.


Usually by removing appropriate roof tiles, or unscrewing sheets of iron roofing. If only available access is via manhole or attic ladder, minimal dust is created because of the enormous suction of Hazvac.


Because there are so many variables each job has to be visited to assess the volume of dust / insulation, cost of disposal, time necessary to do the job, and safety issues. Cleaning ceilings is a very dangerous occupation. We need to inspect condition of wiring, protruding nails, assess how much rubbish needs to be manually removed.

Quotes and assessments are done late afternoons or evenings, or weekends, by appointment.
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